Zomato + TinyOwl Food app

Online food ordering and restaurant discovery platform

Product Designer@Zomato: AUG, 2015 - FEB, 2016

Product Designer@TinyOwl: JUL, 2014 - JUL, 2015

During my time at Zomato, I worked on the version 14.0 of the Android and iOS app. At TinyOwl, I collaborated with the business & product team to build critical features for the app like dish recommendations, referrals, and a new payment experience, leading to 1700+ daily orders. This is a collection of work samples from two food tech startups in India, which marked the beginning of my career as a self-taught designer transiting from engineering.

My Role: A product designer primarily working on the Visual & UI front.

New revamped payment page experience(No card added).

New revamped payment page experience(Multiple cards added).

Pop up asking for CVV verification before processing payment.

Pop up design to introduce TinyOwl Referral program.

Referral section positioned as "Free meals" inside hamburger menu.

Main referrals page with link to social media.

In App Notification: Order received.

In App Notification: Order confirmation.

In App Notification: Order cancelled.

In App Notification: Order being prepared.

In App Notification: Order delayed.

In App Notification: Order received questionaire.

UI design for single dish recommendation feature.

Users are asked to input/select address since the delivery time & minimum order varies as per distance.

Users can select one of the existing address options or choose to add a new one.

Delivery time and minimum order amount are updated and reflected once an address is selected.

User is asked to select an address since the minimum order value and delivery fee changes as per location.

Cart page after the address is selected.

New brand identity for zomato food ordering vertical.

Layout experimentation of the new home page of zomato.

Pop over menu design when a user is on a specific restaurant page.

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