Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

Design and Development of 3rd Gen DTU AUV

DTU AUV represents a technological dream achieved by a team of undergraduate Delhi Technological University (formerly Delhi College of Engineering) students to develop an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle of industrial standards. It tests its progress against the world by participating in reputed RoboSub competition organised by AUVSI and the office of naval research every year in San Diego, USA.

Team: Aayush Jha, Faheem Ahmed, Vivek Mishra, Nikhil Singh, Raj Kumar Saini, Akshay Uppal, Prateek Murgai & more


The vehicle has been designed by fusion of research work in the field of mechanical engineering, electronics , instrumentation, image processing and acoustics . It is a submersible, untethered robot that is capable of performing shallow water complex tasks without aid from human operators. This project showcases the viability of this kind of robot not only as a research test bed, but also as a useful platform for shallow water applications. It has been designed with a view to achieve maximum operational standards, minimal payload and power requirements and high level of modularity.

Snapshots of 3D model and Chassis design

The mechanical model of ZYRA is designed to be in hydro dynamically stable equilibrium both below and above water surface. The mechanical system consist of main pressure hull, front and back lids, frame, electronics rack. The vehicle will feature a smooth contoured cylindrical pressure hull. The fabrication material chosen for pressure hull is Virgin Cast Acrylic(Clear) because of its excellent workability, strength, shock resistance and comparatively low density.

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