RoundGlass Cross Dx

A practice management solution for care providers

Project duration: JAN, 2017 - MAR, 2018

Doctors can now deliver quality-care by reducing their administrative burden, and give more time to spend with the most essential stakeholder of their practice - the patient, by easily managing all their appointments and patient data. Cross enables them to make better care decision, not solely based on current patient illness but through insights drawn from longitudinal analysis of patient history collected over time

Team: Jonathan Cook, Nikhil Singh, Dr. Vishal Tahilani and Dr. Abhishek Jacob

My Role: Collaborated in research and wireframing activities. Owned the entire UI design of the app.

Most of the doctors often find themselves in situations like this

- Sometimes there are 5 patients a day, and other times 50.

- How can I get the health records from other doctor consultations, if my patient is not carrying them?

- Charting is so repetitive at times, I wish there was a way to replicate faster.

- “Oh what was the name of that patient..”

- Patient engagement is limited only to encounters. How can I educate them better?

- No means to measure quality of care and accountability

- How do I connect with more patients through positive patient feedback?

We need a health management ecosystem that connects both care providers and care seekers

Along with the project managers, I went back to the drawing board, kept the two most important stakeholders i.e. doctors and patients in the middle and built a whole solution around them. It means we thought of every problem a doctor faces, ranging from patient acquisition, workflow management to lack of standard documentation, while creating the mind map.

And then we went to the other side of the table, living every eventuality of a patient ranging from doctor discovery, longitudinal records maintenance to lack of post visit feedback. Cross is developed by doctors, designers and engineers with more than 100 years of total experience under their belt.

So, what would make an ideal practice management solution for doctors?

Capturing insights from the initial research and analyzing the competitor (DrChrono PMS)

Fragmented Healthcare

Lack of time, unreliable health records and lack of continuous communication between doctors and patients lead to inconsistency in the overall delivery of care

Continuous Delivery of Care

Harness the power of technology to easily create and access patient records, communicate with patients and bring together the various stakeholders to ensure better care experience.

Holistic Care

An improved information flow between different healthcare stakeholders and a holistic approach that considers not only symptoms but also lifestyle choices, habits, and overall wellness.

Visualizing the outpatient department flow

This is the OPD flow for both new and old patients through RoundGlass Cross. Cross platform offers separate administrative privileges to administration, staff and the doctors

Let’s reimagine a day in doctor’s practice


When Dr. Vishal starts his day he simply logs in to his RoundGlass Cross account from his tablet and checks his home screen. In the first half of his home screen, Dr. Vishal can see the Appointments, Analysis and Care Group cards.


These cards give him an overview of his day and help him quickly gain access to find information he needs to manage his practice. From daily appointments, to financial insights, Dr. Vishal can deep dive into each aspect to gain a better view.


Next Dr. Vishal can open up his appointment card and gain a view of how his schedule looks for today, for the week or for the month. He can quickly add appointments for new patients or look into the profile of current patients, check their details like contact and age or review care notes from his previous interactions.


To start with his appointments he simply taps on appointment from his agenda and taps on check in. Once he is ready he can simply tap on the care note button to start building his patient’s digital prescription.


With the care note feature in Cross Dr. Vishal can simply add chief complaints, diagnosis, lab tests, prescriptions, patient instructions and even add medical notes for future reference. Powered by an extensive database and the option to add custom medicines, tests and notes Dr. Vishal can create a care note in matter of minutes.


Dr. Vishal notices that he has a lot of walk-ins today from existing patients and no time to create new appointments. He can simply start the appointment by tapping on the care note button in the patient profile.


Once he has completed the care note and has advised his patient; Dr. Vishal can simply save the care note and tap on the payment button to generate the bill for his patients. He can also print care note, print the bill and create a follow up appointment before checking out and closing the appointment.


Dr. Vishal after completing his appointments for the day can now check all the details about his finances and transactions in one place by simply tapping on Statements or go to the analysis section to gain insights on his patients and financials.


He can also keep himself updated with latest news relevant to him in the field of medicine and share interesting health and wellness articles with his patients.

Mindmap and Flow diagrams

This mindmap details out all the possibilities that we thought initially

Flow diagram for a patient journey: interaction with staff, doctor and nurse

Patient registration: Online appointment and Walk-In patient

Practice Workflow for the case: Single doctor with single unit of practice

Patient data flow and record management through doctor & patient app

Onboarding and practice set up flow for doctors & clinics

Mapping patient journey for both casuality ward and inpatient department

Visual Designs + Prototype Demo

Login/Signup + Welcome

Profile, Practice & Clinic Setup

Home + Settings


Care group

Care Note (Charting)

Billings + Statements


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