RoundGlass Foundation

To Sustainability, One Step at a Time

Foundation is a not for profit initiative by roundglass

RoundGlass Foundation, the social responsibility arm of RoundGlass, is striving towards creating a future of wellbeing by working from the bottom-up, enabling individuals to transform society. Our vision and programmes are based on the principles of self-reliance, coexistence and eco-sustainability. We empower under-resourced individuals and communities to live a life of dignity and purpose.

Team: Nikhil Singh, Achla Letelier, Itee Sood Sharma

We partner with governments and corporations, to be a catalyst of change we need

We have launched many diverse initiatives, such as afforestation, waste management, makerspaces, self-directed learning labs, street art/murals, fellowships and crowdfunding, to materialise our vision of sustainable development. These are operational in urban as well as rural areas under the rubrics of Model City and Model Village respectively. We collaborate with governments, corporations and individuals to be the change we need, and create a better world for all.

Our initial research of the 23 villages in Chandigarh union territory region and recommendations

Along with the project lead and a volunteer, I visited villages like Khuda Ali Sher, Behlana, Badheri, Kajheri, Palsora etc. We examined the state of these villages based on the following parameters: Tree plantation, Waste segregation techniques, Quality education and sports, Skill development etc. and recommended our initiatives to bring an improvement. Our initial research in these villages was presented to Lt. Governor of Chandigarh, to seek government support.

Presentation (Introduction + Field research)

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    A general wellbeing program for corporates

    Employees can now build their best version of self and boost their productivity through habit formation, team-based collaborative challenges and corporate wellbeing services.

    JUN, 2017 - MAR, 2018