I’m a self-taught designer with a degree in electronics engineering. Photography, kayaking and literature are the fuel for my soul. I’m trained in mixed martial arts, but fear not, I identify myself as a pacifist.

My journey so far

I started my professional career in sales and marketing, working for a startup.

During my college days, I realized that electronics engineering is not really my cup of tea. I joined a student-led research project, where I worked on the chassis design and 3D modelling of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (DTU AUV). I was initially intrigued by the field of mechanical design, but my undergraduate degree in electronics was a significant impediment.

I had to support myself financially after college, so I decided to look for traditional sales/marketing jobs. I joined a food-tech startup(TinyOwl) as a business development executive to sell the product door to door and analyze the engagement metrics to find actionable insights.

A series of fortunate accidents led me to discover design as my passion

Deeply unsatisfied, I went out of my job description one day to see the frustrations of the people when they use the app. I relayed my insights to the CEO, sketched some ideas for product improvements, which caught his attention. His decision to shift me to the design team changed everything for me. Today, I’m a self-taught designer who thinks like a sales guy with the end-user in mind, but still can’t defy his roots in engineering.

Throughout my five year journey, I took a variety of roles like graphic designer, product designer and researcher to expand my skillsets. I have worked for different industries like healthcare, wellness and food tech.


My favourite reads

Music that keeps me going