STYLI Fashion

A fast fashion e-commerce platform by Landmark Group

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Project duration: OCT, 2019 - AUG, 2020

STYLI wants to be the voice of Arabic fast fashion culture, primarily serving countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE etc. With localized shopping app, warehouses in Riyadh and Arabic first customer support, Styli aims to capture an experience that resonates with the GCC fashionistas. It is the first online-only venture by Landmark Group, which is the largest retail and hospitality organization in the MENA region.

Team: Nikhil Singh, Mohammed Sharafeldin Hamed Aly Sedky and Rahul Rawat.

My Role: Led the project as Sr UX Designer, owned design sprints on Jira and helped in product planning.

Online Customer Behaviour: Insights from the market and user study in UAE & KSA. Mapping customer journey:

What makes GCC a lucrative market?

Compared to global standards, GCC consumers are “underserved” on online offerings, especially on product and service quality. Several gaps in the consumer proposition of existing players have led to a fragmented market which leaves a room for a new player. Growth here is driven by very high internet penetration and young, digitally engaged demographic. Online spend by this demographic is significantly high (Ex: Avg online monthly spend in UAE: 1400-1600 AED, in Saudi Arabia: 900-1100 SAR)

And with the Landmark group's capabilities in this region, STYLI stands to benefit massively from it in targeted customer marketing, product sourcing, supply chain and partner ecosystem.

Key insights from the market research

1. Discount & Promotions emerged as the top drivers for online purchase.

2. Prompt Delivery and easy return were a major pain point. Consumers are looking for seamless fulfilment experience.

3. Localization matters and customers trust ‘local’ companies more.

4. Great user experience – design/ease of navigation & relevant search result is also important to consumers.

5. New/ trendy products matter - consumers are looking for new/unique designs.

6. Products with minimum quality promise (sizing/fabric/fitting) are important.

With STYLI's official inception in March 2019, the initial product & engineering members were able to successfully launch an MVP for the Saudi Arabia market by October 2019. I joined the organization in mid-October to lead the design efforts and work closely with the business & product management team to plan the product roadmap for the next 1 year. I was also responsible(later on) for building & managing a small design team of 3 people which included a UX designer, a creative designer(social media) and an illustrator.

I focussed my initial weeks on digging insights from several market research documents and assessing stakeholder's vision on as to how they want to position STYLI to their target audience in GCC. Over next few weeks, I conducted a design audit exercise to pinpoint the flaws in our current app & the overall product strategy so far, as it didn't seem to align with the broader objectives of the business. This compelled us, i.e the product & design team, to submit a new roadmap which outlined many tangible (both short & long term) goals for the next 1 year.

Summarizing key takeaways from the audit:


Complete visual design overhaul to improve the accessibility(Colour contrast - AA standard), legibility of text, emphasize different(or clear) levels of CTAs etc. Sparse/minimal usage of colours in the UI and to use design elements (by picking the best industry practices) which meets user expectations to easily help them complete their goals. And a comprehensive design system and its guidelines are needed to ensure a consistent experience in our product. Since 65%-70% of our customers use the Arabic version of the app, the nitty-gritty of multilingual design like RTL principle, semantic translations and cultural consciousness must be stressed upon. This will improve the overall usability of our app.


Redesign the user experience for the product discovery journey (Categories Page -> Product Listing page -> Product details page). Our entire catalogue or offering will be structured into Levels: L1(Women, Men), L2(Clothing, Accessories etc.), L3(Sub levels within L2, Ex: Dresses, Outerwear in Clothing) and L4(Sub levels within L3, Ex: Jackets, Coats in Outerwear). Product listing page(PLP) will also have levels within as PLP-L2, PLP-L3, PLP-L4. This should drastically improve the navigation and discoverability of each category. Product details page(PDP) must have similar/recommended section at the end to ensure a forward flow(Ex: using Tagalys).


Bring standard e-commerce UX practices to boost conversion: Highlight discount & savings, Add badges to product tiles like trending, popular, new arrival etc. Discuss the feasibility of dark patterns like 'only 2 left in stock' (scarcity), '14 people viewed this recently' (social validation) with the product team. Multiple colour variants of a product must be clubbed together and shown on the product tile in PLP (Although, the option to switch colour options should be on PDP only). To curb our current high return rate, we must bring model information(like height, waist, bust etc.) and integrate size recommendation platforms(Ex: Fit finder) on PDP. In the next phase, after we increase our footfall & daily order volume, we must introduce a review & rating mechanism for each product.


Revamp the user experience for checkout journey: Bag -> Address page -> Payment. A progress indicator for the checkout journey is essential. Several edge cases for Bag like low inventory & product out of stock should be covered. Savings must be highlighted on the bag page as GCC is a price-conscious market. On the address page, Google maps must be integrated to capture the customer's location coordinates for our delivery partners (or Form fields like Area, City & Province must be a dropdown/pre-defined list). On the payment page, new payment options like Apple pay & Tabby(Pay Later) must be integrated as they are highly favoured mode of payments in GCC. Bank offers (Ex: 10% off on Visa) must be highlighted on the payment screen for prepaid salience.


Comprehensive UX design for the profile section which should introduce new product features around a better post-purchase customer experience: Track active orders, Manage returns, Order history DB archival. Our business team had raised the concern that the customer care team is flooded with a majority of inquiries around order status & item returns. In track active orders, several edge cases like failed payments, incomplete transactions and failed deliveries(Item return to origin & rescheduling) must also be accommodated. Order cancellation will not be allowed once the AWB number is generated. In manage return section, scheduling item pickup and auto-refund to wallet or debit/credit card should be covered. Bank details must be fetched for COD customers.


Loyalty programs, credits and coupons form an enriching shopping experience which is crucial in forming a returning customers base. Landmark Group, our parent company, is the host of the biggest and the most successful retail loyalty programme in the Middle East called Shukran. We must integrate it on our platform to leverage the huge customer base of Shukran. Credits can be used as rewards for customers, for managing faster refunds and as compensation for customer grievances. Apart from traditional modes of contact like phone and email, WhatsApp customer chat service should also be introduced.

Key screens from the redesign exercise:

Splash Screen + App Setup

Home, Categories, Search & Notifications

PLP, Filter & Sort

Product Details Page


Log in + Address Book

Payment + Post Order

My Profile

My Orders

Manage Returns

Elements from the Design System:

We defined a very basic design system to keep consistency in our visual language across the application. Invision DSM was used to document all the elementary guidelines on Colour, Typography, Grids, Spacing etc. For more complex pieces like components & templates, we would maintain a library of symbols in our sketch file directly.

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