Fashion E-commerce App

Concept proposal for Landmark group

Landmark Group (with brands like Max Fashion and Splash) is the leading fashion retailer in the middle east and gulf region. While the sales of these brands inside malls and offline stores have been growing year or year, the sales from online channels (Eg have been on decline. This is principally because customer’s do not get to try the products before purchase (to check the fabric, the fit and the overall look) and hence are reluctant to buy stuff online

Landmark group wants to create an E-commerce app to promote ‘try before you buy’ model

This application shows the customer limited set of products (approx. 500), but the key differentiator being that customer can get these products on the same day for trial (less than 2 hours). The customer has to just pay a nominal fee of 7 AED per product as trial fee (Which has to be paid upfront. Cash on Delivery is not allowed for trial fee payment).

Once delivered, the customer can try all the clothes ordered, decide to buy or reject each individual product. Customer will have 30 minutes to try all the products while the delivery guy waits. In case the customer decides to buy a product (let’s assume selling price is 100 AED), the trial fee is waived off and adjusted in price of the product. The customer can then pay the adjusted amount (AED 93) online on the App or via Cash to delivery guy. The rejected items can be returned to delivery guy

As a concept proposal, my scope was limited to research, information architecture and key screens

In the case study, I’ve also covered the following important sections:

- Product Details Page (PDP), Cart or Bag Screen (where a bunch of products are added for trial or to buy directly)

- Post-order journey screens (tracking order after placement, rejecting or accepting the products post trial and making payments for final products)

- Information Design and Hierarchy (Communicate the entire Trial Model, Trial Fees, Conditions, Max Trial Time), Interactions Designs, User Flows

- Basic Design Guidelines including Typography, Color Palette

Case study presentation:

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