RoundGlass GWB

A General Wellbeing Program for Corporates

Please note that the GWB project was a cornerstone towards the
evolution of roundglass reach, a holistic wellbeing platform which is
now one of the flagship product of roundglass

Our survey of organizations in India titled ‘Wellbeing@Work’ led us to realize the need for a platform that can help employees with stress management and general wellbeing. To start with, our goal was to create a concept MVP which would be presented to the operating council of RoundGlass as a proposal. Through our GWB app, employees can build their best version of self and boost their productivity through physical exercises, healthy habit formation and team-based collaborative challenges.

Team: Ankur Gupta and Nikhil Singh

A survey of organizations in India: Executive Summary

This was a concept proposal to the operating council of RoundGlass. Our scope here was limited to few user flows and a sample visual direction for the product. This concept later evolved into RoundGlass Reach app, a holistic wellbeing solution for corporates & Individuals

We started by decoding some of the applications like: Headspace, Calm, Lifesum, freeletics, Movesum, Noom etc. Each of them has a separate offering like guided courses in meditation, goal based physical workout, calorie tracker/weight management etc. We decided to keep three initial modules in the GWB app: physical fitness, mindfulness and diet + weight loss. Each module will be further divided into individual courses or chapters .User will also find some relevant articles within each course.

Gratification is important, so we thought of keeping some rewards. Users are awarded with certain points after completing a course/chapter based on the difficulty level they choose. To master a module (let’s say mindfullness), a user has to finish all the chapters within a module. These points can be enchased to avail wellbeing services like: body massage, therapy, doctor consultation etc. A social leaderboard and team based activities will help us to keep the employees engaged by a keeping healthy competition.

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